At PLYBCK Studios we’ve been blessed to work in the film industry.  We’ve worked with the likes of Starz, Lionsgate, Bad Sneakers and many others.  Voice over and ADR is a crucial part for the audio visual world.  ADR can be used for multiple different things inside the visual audio world.  For instance, in cartoons you will need an entire voice over & adr cast in order to fulfill the roles inside of that particular cartoon.  Also though, there may have been a situation where an actor was involved in a movie and they need to voice over a particular scene within that movie or television show.  


ADR stands for “Automated Dialogue Replacement”.  This is the process of which and actor or voice actors do post production off set inside a recording studio to replace or fix any voice malfunctions or anything that needs to be added that might have been missed.  In films and on TV, only the principal actors are mic’d. The background actors are not.  Specialty films like musicals, on-screen dialog and singing is always replaced. Studios also require a TV-safe version without profanity.  By the late 1930s, most Hollywood film production audio was redone in post.

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