When coming to Miami, FL and joining our “PLYBCK” team, one of our most popular services is our recording studio rental services.  We keep our rooms up to date with the latest gear and plugins.  Our rooms are tuned to precision to guarantee to great translation from the studio to your car and other places or devices you might listen to music on.  To along with those great things we also have certified RIAA platinum engineers on staff. 


Our facility is opened 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  We provide a safe environment for recording artists to ensure nothing but comfort while they’re working.  At PLYBCK Studios our staff is truly experienced and has worked with some of the biggest artist in the world.  Because we’ve had real world experience we guarantee our services every time at PLYBCK Studios.  All of our rooms are loaded with the same plugins to ensure that no matter which room you’re in you’ll be able to achieve the same quality.  Both of our rooms here are perfectly for mixing and mastering. 


Studio Rental

Booked Sessions – Please show up to all booked sessions on time.  We will not be able to move back your hours due to over booking.  If you do show up late to your session you will still be charged the same amount.  

Studio Rental

Cancelations – All cancelations must be made 24 hours in advance.  Failure to do so will result with no refund on your deposit that was made.  

Studio Rental

Rescheduling – You will be able to reschedule one session free of charge as long as we know 24 hours in advance.  We will not allow you reschedule if we do not know that far in advance ahead of time.  

Studio Rental

Missed Sessions – If you miss your scheduled session with us you will not receive a refund.  

Studio Rental

Payments & Deposits – All payments may be made with cash, CashApp or Zelle.  We do accept major label PO’s.  Deposits must be made in order to lock in your times the rent a room.  The amount required for a deposit is 50% of the total overall price.  

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