What do session musicians do?

A session musician is an instrumentalist that is brought into the studio specifically to play certain parts of a record.  Typically the producer on sight already has an idea of what the session musician needs to play.  Usually session musicians are not members of actual the production team and often do not achieve fame in their own right.  Many session musicians specialize in playing common instruments such as guitar, piano, bass, or drums. Others are specialists, and play brass, woodwinds, and strings.

What do musicians get paid?

In today’s world most session musicians for hire will charge on a per hour basis.  Of course depending on the status of the musician you bring in will determine how the up front payment is and if they will also charge on the backend.  Normally though session musicians will take their upfront fee and have nothing to do with the publishing side of the record they played on.  Some of the greatest session musicians though will normally charge a small fee of publishing to ensure their time is not being wasted. 

What are the advantages of using musicians?

Session musicians can the be the answer to all your musical dreams.  Sometimes if you’ve been locked in the studio for a long time and you’re just having a lack of inspiration, a sessions musician is the perfect person to call to reignite the creative flame you’re looking for.  The best part about working with session musicians is that they all bring a different vibe and sound to the session.  Having a list of session musicians on hand can be critical for any record that you may be looking to wrap up.  

For how long are musicians typically hired?

Studio sessions can be long night stuck in a creative space.  When hiring a session musician it will always be hard to tell how long they may be in that session for.  It’s safe to say that you will definitely multiple hours, and potential multiple days depending on the type of record you are working on. 

What do our musicians to?

• Piano

• Guitar

• Brass & Woodwinds

• Drummers

• Beat Making

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