Clients must make a 50% deposit to confirm the booking of their session.  The remaining payment is due upon arrival.  All cancelations must be made 24 hours in advance or your deposit becomes non refundable. 

We accept Cash App and Zelle & Pay Pal for deposits.

*All credit card transactions must be done in person and accompanied with a matching valid I.D.


Time lost due to equipment malfunction, media issues, operator error, etc. will not be charged to the client.  This  shall be known as “DOWN TIME“.  No monetary consideration for DOWN TIME is required and lost time will be credited back to the client.


Client agrees to take full financial responsibility for any damage or costs incurred by him/her or by anyone attending. This does not include “PLYBCK Studios” personnel.

The client policies hereby indemnifies and holds “PLYBCK Studios” harmless from any and all damages which may accrue to the client and/or others.  With respect to the costs of musicians, vocalists, and others, and all other costs in connection with down time on this session and/or any future sessions.

Recorded media left for one month or more are subject to storage fees and collect shipment to client.  Client hereby indemnifies and holds ‘PLYBCK Studios”  harmless from any and all claims for damages or losses which may occur to client’s equipment, recorded media.  Or other property, while being stored, handled, or shipped by “PLYBCK Studios”.

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