About Our B Room

 At “PLYBCK Studios”, our Studio B room is fully equipped with the most up to date plug-ins &, DAWs and allowing us to keep up with todays loud, modern, in your face sound as well the warm analog, vintage sound of the old school. We  have a fully dedicated 24/7 staff  to assist you while you’re recording and help make sure your session is comfortable and seamless. Our assistant engineers are always on hand and ready to help with any of the lead engineers needs to make sure they are fully focused on the client. 

Studio B was recently redesigned and rebuilt. While this the smaller of  the 2 rooms, it has a separate isolation vocal/instrument room and an intimate feel. The custom LED walls can changed to any color theme you desire which will help set the perfect mood for your next record.

While this room doesn’t currently offer any outboard gear, it is completely STACKED with mixing and mastering plugins, multiple monitors for reference purposes, the all new Mac Studio computer to ensure your sessions run smooth.

This room was also built by a group of audio engineers to ensure the best acoustics possible for our clients and engineers.


Equipment List


  • Pro Tools Ultimate
  • Ableton
  • FL Studio
  • Logic Pro


  • •MacMini 3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i7 16GB 1600 MGz DDR3
  • • 27″ LG Monitor 



  • • UAD  Apollo Twin Quad Core


  •  Yamaha HS8 8″ Series Monitor
  • Yamaha HS5 5″ Series Monitor
  • Yamaha HS8S 8″ Active Hs Series Sub


  • Slate Digital VMS ML-1 Large -Diaphragm Modeling Microphone


  •  Waves
  •  Slate Digital
  •  Fab Filter 
  •  Izotope
  •  Anatares Auto Tune
  •  Universal Audio Full Bundle
  •  T-Racks
  •  Melodyne
  •  Vocal Align



  •  PreSonus Monitor Station v2

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