About Our A Room

 At “PLYBCK Recording Studios” our A room is fully equipped with the most up to date plug-ins, DAWs and outboard gear allowing us to keep up with todays loud, modern, in your face sound as well the warm analog, vintage sound of the old school.  We  have a fully dedicated 24/7 staff  to assist you while you’re recording and help make sure your session is comfortable and seamless.  Our assistant engineers are always on hand and ready to help with any of the lead engineers needs to make sure they are fully focused on the client.  


Studio A is the larger of the 2 rooms that PLYBCK STUDIOS has to offer. This room is great for production groups or artists with a team that need a little extra space. This room equipped with top-of-the-line outboard gear including the latest Mac Pro, a Nueman U87 Microphone an SSL Pre Amp and a CL1B Compressor and more. We also stay up to date with all of today’s industry favorite plugins from companies like UAD, Plugin Alliance, Waves, T-Racks and more.

The room also has an isolated vocal/instrument booth that allows the artist to see what happening in the room if they choose to or change the lights to set the mood and lock into their own private space. While the iso booth may not be the ideal size for a drummer you can record many other instruments in addition to just vocals.

If you are an artist like likes to record themselves or just likes to record with the engineer in the control room, one of our staff members will gladly set the microphone up in the control room for you. The acoustics in Studio A sounds as just amazing outside the booth as they do inside.

The room was custom built by industry recording engineers to ensure your recordings and mixes are as accurate as possible. The room is decked out with velvet walls and interchangeable LED & Hue lights throughout to give it that perfect vibe for any artist.


Equipment List


  • Pro Tools
  • Ableton
  • FL Studio
  • Logic Pro


  • •Mac Book Pro/32 GB RAM, 3.5 GHz 8 core Xeon W, 1TB SSD, Radeon pro video card 8GB
  • • 27″ Samsung Curve Screen



  • • Universal Audio  Apollo x8 16×24 Thunder Bolt 3 Audio Interface with UAD DSP



  • Nuemann U 87 Ai Large – Diaphragm Condensor Mic- Matte Black
  • Slate Digital VMS L1


  •  Waves
  •  Slate Digital
  •  Fab Filter 
  •  Izotope
  •  Anatares Auto Tune
  •  Universal Audio Full Bundle
  •  T-Racks
  •  Melodyne
  •  Vocal Align
  • Plugin Alliance


  •  API 500V 10-Slot 500 series Lunchbox
  •  CL1b Opto-Cell Compressor
  •  dbx DriveRack PA2 Complete Loudspeaker Managment System
  •  Switchcraft Studio Patch 6425 64-Point TT-DB25 Patch Bay
  •  Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt 3 QUAD Core
  •  Dangerous Source D-Box+ & Summing
  •  Heritage Audio BT-500 Module
  •  AMS Neve 1073LB 500-Series
  • Solid State Logic VHD 500 Series Mic Preamp


  •  Hear Technologies Hear Back OCTO Four Pack

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