When you bring your project to “PLYBCK Studios” we make sure to provide the highest quality mixing services. All of our mixing engineers are  well rounded and have worked with some of worlds most renown artists. We use blends of analog equipment and digital plugins to help craft and enhance your record. 


     Our mixing team is available around the clock and are some of the biggest kept secrets in Miami.  Whether in person or working on the fly we are always equipped and ready to.  If your time is limited and you don’t have time to book out a room, you can visit our Online Mixing Services to get started instantly.  Because our engineers are certified Platinum by the RIAA you can guarantee beautiful mixes every single time. 


Mixing music is the hands down one of the most important processes to assure your record is ready for release at a high level.  When distributing a record you always want to make sure your levels are handled properly to assure consistency through all DSP’s like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal etc..  The process of sound mixing is very tedious, but important for the end result.  It’s important to make sure the two-track (beat) of the song is properly leveled overall.  This is also crucial so that way you can make sure the vocals of the record have room to be mixed into the record properly.  Once the beat is done, you then want to level vocals properly.  If the vocal mix includes dubs and adlibs, be sure to level them properly with the lead vocal.


Subtractive EQ – Eliminating un-needed frequencies in your mix is very important.  EQing can help with noise pops and other unwanted frequencies that are interrupting your overall mix.  Be careful though!  You don’t want to eliminate too much though, you may get rid notes and frequencies that are important to keep. 

Compression – Keep a consistent level of vocals can be a determining factor in your overall mix.  There are many different types of compressors whether an analog piece of gear or a virtual plug-in they all have their own sound and ways of compressor working. 

Additive EQ –  When EQing adding frequencies to enhance vocals or other elements is a great way to push your mix to the next level.  Don’t over do it thought!  Make sure your reference through different monitors to make sure your processing is consistent. 

Vocal Correction – Keep vocals on pitch are essential for sonics. With great technique comes great sounding vocals.  We will tediously pitch correct to ensure that your vocals sit perfectly in the mix. 

Reverb/Delay/FX – This is the bread and butter to exciting the mix.  This process will enhance and bring more overall feeling and depth to the listeners. 

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