When you bring your project to “PLYBCK Studios” we guarantee our mastering process.  Through analog summing amps and stereo widening software will be sure to immerse you into an amazing sounding song. 


     Our mastering team is available around the clock and are some of the biggest kept secrets in Miami.  Whether in person or working on the fly we are always equipped and ready to.  If your time is limited and you don’t have time to book out a room, you can visit our Online Mastering Services to get started instantly.  Because our engineers are certified Platinum by the RIAA you can guarantee beautiful masters every single time. 


Mastering is the final and last chance to processes  your record before its release.  When distributing a record you always want to make sure your levels are handled properly to assure consistency through all DSP’s like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal etc..  The process of mastering is very tedious, but important for the end result.  Before you hand in your mix to mastering make sure all your final revisions have been made.   



Final Revisions – Before you hand in your mixes for mastering, be sure you have gone through the record for all your final revisions.  It’s important that these things are done before the mastering process starts. 


Premaster – Firstly, be sure to make sure that your levels are bounced properly.  The easiest way to do this is to make sure your stems are lowered anywhere from -6db’s to -12db’s.  Secondly, be sure to remove all master plug-ins on the master of your mix session before handing in your mixes.  Lastly, be sure to make sure the final bounces are in a wav. form.  Do not send MP3’s, this will affect the overall song. 


Master Processing –  Now we’ve gotten to the bread and butter.  Through summing amps and some of the best stereo width plugins available we’ll be sure to bring your mix to new levels with mastering.  Our multi-band compressions and master eqing will give balance and dynamic to the overall record. 


Exporting – Once the master is done, we will bounce our your master in a wav. form.  This will come with a master acapella of the vocals, beat master and two track master. 

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