Top 5 Music Plugins 2022 For Music Producers Continued...

Top 5 Music Plugins 2022

The Prince - Cradle Audio

Top 5 Music Plugins 2022

The Prince is packed with sounds that are ready for your track right out of the box. This plugin was crafted by Frank Dukes. Every sound is meticulously made from analog synths and and really sets the tone for today’s production. With a mix of that analog feel and modern effects this VST is guaranteed to help any music producer create something fresh.

Xpand2! - Air Music Technology

Xpand2 is a multitimbral workstation. It uses everything from wavetables and FM synthesis to sampling and more. This plugin is a go to for organic and synth sounds. It features advanced arpeggios, dynamic effects, sound layering, and great stock patches. You can also multi layer fx by sending fx 1 into fx 2 and vice versa. You can use up to 4 instruments per patch and has over 2500 presets. This plugin has been famously used in songs such as Successful, Trust Issues and Lust for Life by Drake.

Nexus 3 - ReFx

Top 5 Music Plugins 2022

Nexus 3 is the new and improved version of one of the most popular plugins ever made; Nexus 2. Nexus 3 has a mix of classic and modern sounds fully equipped to produce any genre. Its new user interface and updated sound engine makes it fast and better than ever. Nexus 3 includes all the sounds from the original Nexus 2 library and more. With the new ReFx cloud you can easily buy and install expansion packs quick and efficiently.

Analog Labs V - Arturia
Top 5 Music Plugins 2022

Analog labs by Arturia is like having every vintage synth in front of you with just a click of a button. It has over 13,000 presets and 30 famous synths. Analog labs mashes together all 24 instruments in the Arturia V collection to 1 user friendly system, making it easy to search for sounds by, type, instrument and even mood. This is the most affordable analog synth collection yet and they really sound authentic and warm. There are also several 3rd party sound libraries for analog labs allowing you to expand your sound even more. This plugin has been used in many productions from the Weeknd to Travis Scott and more.

Play - East West

Top 5 Music Plugins 2022

Play by East West is a 64 bit sample engine consisting of all of EW libraries. These libraries are HUGE! And the most realistic sounding live instrument vst I have ever used. It has guitars for all genres from soft rock to heavy metal. It features horns for pop, soul and film scores, the pianos are big, the strings are lush the choirs are authentic. This plugin is hard to beat when it come to sounding authentic. Like I said before this library is HUGE. It has over 42,000 instruments and has been used in film & music production for years. This plugin has been used in Star Wars, 50 Shades of Grey, Laga Gaga Albums and more.

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