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     In this blog we will go over the 5 best music plugins for music producers today.  This is hands down one of the most important things to know so you can stay update with the most current sounds in music today.  After you’re done reading this article you’ll have a great idea of what the best plugins are and what you should look for when shopping for plugins/vsts.  These are some of the best kept secrets for music producers. 


     When in search for one of the best music plugins on the market, you can guarantee that Kontakt by Native Instruments is one of the best.  This amazing plugin comes with some of the most realistic sounds you’ll be able to come across.  The Native Instruments team also made this plugin accessible for 3rd Party sound libraries to be loaded.  After you purchase Kontakt you’ll be able to purchase a stock sound library from Native Instruments that give sounds like pianos, horns, guitars, bass and a list of many other great sounds.  This plugin will be found on most experienced producers set ups.  It’s safe to say that this is arguably one of the best plugins for music production.

Top 5 Music Plugins


     Omnisphere by Spectronics is an amazing vst with tremendous power.  When using Omnisphere you instantly notice the quality of sounds that was delivered in this plugin.  Omnisphere is an award winning plugin and his highly used throughout the music industry.  The catch is the 3rd party plugins that you load and also the bundles offered with Omnisphere like “Keyscape”.  Keyscape is loading with hundreds of different styles of pianos that will blow your mind.  This plugin provides everything from Pianos, Organs, Human Voices, Noisescapes, Pads, Strings and many other sounds.  Omnisphere also a hardware synth integration feature.  This is great for music producers that really love working in the moment.  Through the Omnisphere Audio Import interface you’re able to drag in your own sound source and use the creative tools within the vst to alter your sound. 

Top 5 Music Plugins


     Serum brings power to a whole new level when talking about music plugins.  This is one of the most sought out plugins for Electronic music producers everywhere.  It’s interface gives you a long list of of affects that will give you something unique every time.  Its oscillator and envelope system in extremely powerful and when using it you’ll be able to alter sound like never before.  Serum by XFER gives you the option for two oscillators, three envelopes and four LFO tools.  These tools are what makes serum so different.  Plugins like this are a bit normally used by music producers that a little more advanced.  But don’t let that scare you.  Serum as an amazing preset library when purchased and also has an array of third party plugins that sound amazing.  

Top 5 Music Plugins


     Massive X is the extension to what was once just called “Massive” by Native Instruments.  This plugin comes with multiple oscillators and effects so every sound you create is unique.  The LFO feature is one of a kind in Massive X, giving you the ability to shape sound how ever you hear it.  The envelope box is comes with wide range of tools that will give you the ability shape your sound.  It’ll also come with a standard gate to give you more functionality with the envelope.  Once Massive X is purchased you’ll also receive a repertoire of presets created by Native Instruments.  They also have sound library expansions for Massive X on their online store. 

Top 5 Music Plugins

5. XPAND!2

Xpand!2 is a workstation that offers four sound slots per patch.  Using everything from wavetables and synthesis to sample playback.  Sounds can be quickly browsed and are sorted into 29 categories.  Six smart knobs are provided for altering your Xpand!2 sounds.  Each knob changes functions depending on the whats selected, offering hands-on control of the most critical sound elements.  All of your edits can be saved for instant recall.  Xpand!2 includes two effect processors with 50 studio grade effects.

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